What Is Transponder Key?

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Transponder key, also known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) key, is a key equipped with an electronic microchip that transmits a low-level signal to a remote receiver installed in the car. This microchip contains a unique serial number that must be identified by the car before it can unlock or start. The transponder key technology was introduced by GM on its 1985 Corvette car model and since then, it has been adopted by almost all car manufacturers for improved vehicle security.

Why The Transponder Key Is Preferred And More Secure?

The transponder key provides much higher level of security compared to the traditional keys which have only few classic cut combinations that can easily be manipulated by thieves.

This is because each transponder key contains a digital ID or serial number which is virtually unique to each particular vehicle. With the use of transponder keys, drivers can rest assured knowing their cars are secured because it is nearly impossible that another transponder key would open their car.

How To Know That You Have A Transponder Key?

To identify if you have a transponder key, you need to look at two major parts: the blade and bow. If the bow is covered or coated with multiple layers of either tin foil or rubber shell usually black in color, then you have a transponder key. Another way to confirm your suspicion is to try opening the head and check if there’s any chip built inside, however, you need to do this cautiously so as not to damage the chip.

You may also research your vehicle information online and see if it mentions anything about having a transponder system in place.

What To Do When Your Transponder Key Is Lost Or Damaged?

If your transponder key gets lost, damaged, or needs replacement, you should contact a reliable local locksmith who will be able to cut out blank keys for you and also reprogram its chip so that it matches with your car’s RFID signals accurately and effectively.

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