The Best Home Security Apps For Enhanced Protection

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Smart home security apps are becoming increasingly popular as they provide homeowners with an easy way to keep their homes safe and secure. With a range of cameras, smart thermostats, window and door sensors, smoke detectors, and more all available from your smartphone, it’s never been easier to keep an eye on your home when you’re away.

Vivint Smart Home App

Vivint is one of the most popular app in this category, offering users flexible control over their security devices such as alarm, smart locks, cameras, and lights, all controlled from the palm of their hand.

  • Login to view live footage from security cameras, anytime from anywhere.

  • Receive notifications for system alerts such as a security breach or an open door.

  • Utilize the two-way talk feature to speak with Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring team.

  • You can automate your system with specific timed settings and individual user accounts.

  • Granting access to your family while setting limits for other user permissions.

ADT Pulse App

For ADT customers that have signed up for the Pulse service, accessing the app is free. Through it users can arm or disarm their system remotely directly from their phone, as well as lock or unlock doors, control their thermostat settings, stream live video feeds to their phones, and set multiple alarms throughout their house alerting them of potential risks like fire or carbon monoxide. Additional features like event logs allow parents to know when their children enter or leave the house in order to stay informed. The app also works with Nest, Amazon Alexa compatible devices and other gadgets alongside ADT hardware.

SimpliSafe Home Security App

The SimpliSafe Home Security App makes it easy for homeowners to track access into restricted areas or rooms like gun cabinets or liquor cabinets while they’re away from home along with any visitors they may have over when they aren’t there. It allows users to arm and disarm their system remotely using their phones and install multiple alarms for different detectors throughout the home. Additionally it lets users set custom alerts so they’ll be notified if someone uses an alarm – perfect for keeping tabs on contractors working in your home as well as checking on kids coming back from college late at night.


If you’re already a XFINITY customer with both cable television and internet services then signing up for additional security measures has never been easier thanks to this app that allows you control over lights, arming/disarming your alarm system remotely as well as connecting with multiple smart home devices such as Nest Learning Thermostat Carrier Cor Zen thermostats etc. Conveniently accessed through your Comcast ID – just like any TV streaming app – there’s only one less username/password combination that needs memorizing!

Protect America SMART Connect App

This app by Protect America is perfect for those who want flexibility over how they’re monitoring potential threats in their homes from anywhere in the world at any time. It provides users with the ability to arm/disarm their systems remotely from smartphones but also gives them access to smart home controls for things like adjusting thermostat settings along with convenience features such switching off ovens or small appliances if left on accidentally (never worry about forgetting a curling iron again!) In addition you can pay invoices right within the app itself which make life much easier!

Benefits Of These Home Security Apps

When looking into what type of security apps are best suited for ensuring maximum protection of our homes here are some key aspects that should be taken into consideration:

Safety Control

The primary purpose of having a security app installed is being able to manage your system even when you’re away from home so looking for one that gives you full control over arming/disarming your system is essential. Additionally many apps come with two-way audio allowing you scare away potential intruders simply by talking through your phone which can act as an added layer of deterrence against crime!

User Friendly

Nothing is worse than trying to figure out how something works only after hours spent googling it – especially in regards to something potentially life-threatening like a faulty alarm system! Lookout for apps that are designed specifically with user experience in mind featuring clear cut designs making it easy to navigate through menus quickly without having too much trouble controlling all these various aspects at once!

Smart Home Connectivity

Being able to control all aspects of our homes such as lighting systems cameras thermostats etc all within one single platform makes life infinitely more convenient not having fumble around between different programs on our smartphones or computers wasting precious time better spent elsewhere! Many good apps will feature this all-in-one design so shop around until you find one right fit best!

Live Viewing & Alarms

As soon as something goes wrong within your property being able immediate see live footage without delay greatly increases chances of catching culprits red handed before too late plus receiving push notifications anytime movement detected further prevents unnecessary incidents occurring in first place!

Device Compatibility

Naturally not everyone will be using same type device so look out what platforms particular app supports ensure yours included before downloading anything else double check compatibility list beforehand too save yourself any future headaches down line!

Automated Schedules

Being able set up automated schedules for lights heating/cooling systems cameras etc all within same app makes it much easier to manage multiple tasks efficiently without having spend extra time manually setting them every day!

With so many home security apps available now on market there really something everyone no matter what type device they’re using – from iPhones Android phones tablets laptops PCs etc. Just remember look out for features mentioned above when researching different ones ensure you get most out your purchase not only will have ultimate peace mind but also greater level control over own home as well!

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