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if you feel your key has been compromised, or your key is with someone who shouldn’t have it, or shouldn’t have it again when in doubt, rekey your Lock from the best rekeying service in the whole of Seattle.

Lock rekeying involves simply giving your Lock a new key combination so that your old key cannot unlock the door, only the new key. It is accomplished by taking the Lock apart and changing the key pins to a new one specific to the new key. This process does not affect the security of your Lock, and it doesn’t reduce or make it more secure.

You’re probably thinking of replacing your locks, but do you know rekeying is a better option if those locks are not damaged. Compared to lock replacement, rekeying is cheaper, plus you get to keep your old locks, that’s if you like them though, especially if it blends well with the style of your house.

Also, you can have your new keys configured to suit your taste. You can even make it that you’re using a single key for all the locks in your house.


Other situations that warrant you rekeying your Lock include:

1. When you move to a new apartment, and you’re not sure of who else has the keys, but you love the Lock’s design

2. When you lose a copy of your key, and you’re afraid someone else might find it.

3. You don’t want someone else who has the key to coming into your home

4. When you have different keys for the different locks in your house, you want to use a single key for all the locks.


Benefits of rekeying

1. Improved security at a lesser price; you’re able to maintain the safety of your home without breaking the bank. You no longer need to worry about your key in the hands of the wrong people, so you’re at peace of mind.

2. If you have a lot of locks to replace, then it’s a cheaper option to rekey all of them instead, you get the same result at a cost-effective price

3. Once you’ve rekeyed your locks, you have your security right in your hands again, and you can choose to give your key to whoever you please.


Why we’re the better option for your rekey service

1. You can trust us: the main reason you are rekeying your locks is that it is probably in the hands of the wrong person. So if you’re rekeying your locks, then you should choose a company that you can trust. At Our company, our rekey service team is reliable and thoroughly vetted by us. We’ve found nothing in their background to prove them untrustworthy, so you’re in safe hands.

2. We respond fast: we are quick to render our services, as soon as you call, we’re on the move, we don’t keep our customers waiting.

3. We have a team of qualified professionals: our team consists of well trained, experienced professional that serve you to the best of their ability, and give you utmost satisfaction.


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