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The Convenience of On-Site Transponder Key Re-programming

The Convenience of On-Site Transponder Key Re-programming

Replacing, re programming or making extra copies of keys can often be a very frustrating and expensive proposition. When it comes to specialized keys such as transponder chip keys, the expense can be astronomical. In the past, if you needed to have transponder key re programming for a key with a chip done, you had to have it done by the vehicle’s manufacturer, and because it was an exclusive market the costs were exorbitant.

However, with the advances in technology that have been made since then, you can now take your transponder key to your local Locksmith in Seattle and have it re programmed on site for a fraction of the cost.

Since the mid 1990’s there has been a push around the world, both by government legislation as well as by motor vehicle manufactures, to have every car on the road fitted with an immobilizer. An immobilizer is an electronic device fitted to a car that will prevent the engine from running unless it receives the correct signal from the transponder chip in the key.

If you need transponder key re programming for a key with a chip, you can now have it done by your local locksmith no more car dealers, no more waiting for the weekend to be over and no more long waits. Your local locksmith is now not only equipped to do the job, he can also come to you at any time to get the job done be it at home, at work or even if you are stranded in the parking lot of your local mall.

How An Immobilizer Works

The word transponder is a portmanteau of the words transmitter and responder and is an integral part of the immobilizer, which was developed to prevent cars from being “hot wired”, the way it is so easily done in the movies.

When turning the key in your car’s ignition, your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) sends a signal to your key’s transponder chip. This signal is in the form of a serial number and if it receives the correct signal back, then and only then will it proceed to start your car.

Why You Would Need Transponder Key Re Programming Of A Key With A Chip

If you car keys are stolen it is important that you report the theft at your local police station. Your next and most urgent task would be to call your local locksmith as soon as possible after discovering the theft. Your locksmith will come on site to assist you by reprogramming your transponder key to make sure that the key that the thieves have will no longer be able to start your car.

Your locksmith can either reprogram the key or he can move the chip from one key to another so that it will send the correct signal to your vehicle’s ECU to start your car.

The convenience of on site transponder key re programming for a key with a chip has made having an immobilizer much more desirable. Now you can keep your car safe without the hassles previously associated with transponder keys and chips. If you haven’t already got an immobilizer now is a great time to get one.

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