The Convenience of Onsite Transponder Key Reprogramming

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Having your transponder key programming at your location on your preferred time can be a great benefit for any car owner. 

Transponder key is special type of car key that contain micro chip which must interact with the car’s engine control unit (ECU) to turn in the ignition and start the car.

In the past if you needed to have a transponder key reprogram you had to take your car to your local dealership and pay high fee for the service. 

Nowadays advances in technology have made it possible for an experienced automotive locksmith to provide an onsite transponder key reprogramming services at far more reasonable costs.

Why Do You Need Transponder Key Reprogramming?

Lost Keys

If your key is lost reprogramming a new transponder key your car can prevent the missing key from being used to start your car and preventing potential theft.

Spare Key

When you want to have an additional key for your car cutting a new one won’t be enough and it is necessary to program it in order for the car system to communicate with the new key other wise you won’t be able to start the engine with it.

Damaged Key

Transponder key can stop working because of damage to the transponder hip and if the signal is interrupted in any way the engine won’t start.

Replacing the Ignition

If you have to replace the ignition cylinder you may also need to reprogram the transponder key because the new ignition will not recognize the existing key.

Electrical Issues

Sometimes the car computer system might experience electrical issues that affect the transponder key signal communication and reprogramming the resolves it.

Buying a Used Car

When purchasing a used car and it only has one copy of the transponder key it’s wise to reprogram 2 new transponder keys to ensure that only these keys can start the car.

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