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Lock Repair For Your Doors in Seattle

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Locks are not immune to wear and tear, and they seem to act up at the most inconvenient times. This is why fortunately for you, we’re available anytime, anywhere to provide you with high-quality and rapid lock repair service.

Your safety and the security of your home, property, or family is paramount, and locks are the first line of defense for every home, so malfunctioning or damaged locks are not something you should take with levity. It would be best if you fixed it immediately.


Our services include:

1. We repair all sorts of doorknobs: no matter the brand or type of doorknob you use, our technicians are well equipped with tools to help them tackle and repair. Round, lever-style, or even decorative, each doorknob has its mechanism, and our technicians are well versed in the mechanisms involved in every single one.

And just in case the doorknob is damaged beyond repair, our technicians are always carrying along with an array of keys, and we can assure you that you’ll find one that is to your preference.

2. We repair deadbolts: deadbolts are usually the alternative to doorknobs in most houses. They work by inserting a latch into a striker, preventing the door from opening by force. Once a deadbolt stops working, just anyone can open the door at any time.

We repair all brands of the deadbolt and help you ensure that your striker is in good condition.

3. We repair all sorts of locks: either high-security locks or decorative locks, home lock repair, interior door lock repair, exterior door lock repair, back door lock repair, bedroom lock repair, bathroom lock repair, safe lock repair, knob lock repair, lever lock repair, cabinet lock repair, mortise lock repair, commercial lock repair, glass door lock repair, front door lock repair, storefront door lock repair, storage lock repair, studio apartment lock Repair, and much more.

Also, we’re no stranger to the various brands of locks. We’ve worked with Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Medeco, von duprin, Corbin russwin, RR brink, evva, Omnia, latch, and others.

High-security locks usually take longer to repair than decorative locks. They are more complex as they have a level 3 security and usually cannot be picked.


Why you should choose us

1. We’re efficient: our company has the best team of qualified, honest, and reliable technicians. Our technicians are good at what they do, and they try their best to give you utmost satisfaction with their job. They’re licensed and reputable.

2. We are quick to the job: you call, we come, no disappointments, no delay. We try our best not to keep our clients waiting. We have both mobile and office technicians, which helps them reach you in no time.

3. Good customer service: we know that the survival of our company depends entirely on our customers, so we maintain a good rapport with all our clients.

4. We run a reputable, trusted organization. We know that when you’re hiring a company for a lock repair service, they have to be trusted, reliable and reputable, and we’re all that. You don’t need to worry about your safety or your properties with us.

Do not leave those damaged locks unfixed, do not manage them for a short while, get them fixed as soon as possible, don’t forget that no matter where you are in Seattle, we’ll come running when you call.


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