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Car Lock System Overview

Car Lock System Overview

Your car is a major investment. With average car prices now topping $15,000, making sure that your vehicle is safe and secure is important. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the locks on your vehicle – whether they are standard locks, a central car lock system, or other types of locks – are of good quality and are functioning properly Fortunately for auto consumers, there are more car lock and security options on the market than ever before.

Manual locks are the most basic form of vehicle locks. These locks are a simple mechanical device that locks and unlocks your vehicle with the push of a button on the inside, or with the use of a key on the outside of the vehicle. For motorists who want a low tech solution to locking their vehicle, these locks provide an acceptable solution, although they may be more vulnerable to being picked by thieves and vandals.

The most common type of locks are central car lock systems, which allow the driver to open all or just one lock with the press of a button. These locking systems are an excellent safety feature, as they will allow the driver to lock all doors to the vehicle in an emergency situation, barring entry to any criminals who may want to get in the vehicle. They are also helpful to parents, as they allow the driver to control door access.

This prevents young children who may be sitting in the back of the vehicle from opening the door while the vehicle is moving. Some central lock systems even have a child safety lock button that prevents occupants in the back seat from opening the door by operating the manual lock button.

In the 1980s, automobile manufacturers introduced keypads that allowed vehicle owners to enter their vehicles by entering a code into a keypad on the door. This feature was helpful for absent-minded drivers who frequently locked their keys in the vehicle. This option is rare today, as keypads have been largely changed over to keyless entry systems.

Keyless entry systems

Keyless entry systems are a type of electronic car lock which allows the driver to gain entry into the vehicle using a remote control, usually attached to a key fob. The remote transmits a signal to the vehicle which causes it to unlock the door. Keyless entry systems have been refined to also let drivers open the truck, honk the horn, turn lights on and start the vehicle.

Keyless entry systems are highly resistant to thieves’ attempts to copy signals, as the remote key fob and the vehicle’s entry system are synchronized and it continually changes the code to gain entry into the vehicle.

Keyless entry has become amazingly popular because of the convenience it offers, and is now practically a standard feature on many vehicles.

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