Car Lock System Overview

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For the average car owner a car is a major investment that must be protected at all time. Back in the day cars were locked and unlocked with regular keys exactly like simple house keys but as car thieves got smarter there was a need for something more secure and right then cars started getting better locks especially when electronic car systems start to appear.

Manual Locks

The most common and simple car lock is the manually operated lock that include a press button on the inside of a car door and a key hole on the outside and in order to lock and unlock it. 

While manual locks offer basic protection from intruders they are more vulnerable than other types of locks when it comes of being picked and hot wired by car thieves.

Central Car Lock Systems

One of the most popular forms of car lock today is the central car lock system. This system allows drivers to open the car doors at once with a single press of a button. 

Central car lock systems provide an added layer of safety in situations when drivers can instantly secure all doors and in case there are children sitting in the back seat with the child safety option that forbids them from operating the manual locks themselves.

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems are electronic car locks that use a remote control by a key fob which sends out an encrypted signal that lock and to unlock the vehicle’s door and in some model even can also start the engine. 

These highly secure systems are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle their constantly changing code combinations every time you use them so it would be impossible for thieves to copy them and gain access. 

Most keyless entry remotes allow you to lock and unlock doors, open the trunk, honk the horn, turn lights on and start up the engine.

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