9 Unusual Locksmith Services

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Usually you think of a locksmith as the person to call when you need a new key made, but a residential locksmith can also perform a wide array of other services. In an effort to better meet their customers’ needs, many locksmith businesses have branched out in to other related areas of home and office security.

Here are some of the diverse services that a qualified professional locksmith can offer.

Furniture and mailbox lock installation

You may think of residential locksmiths in terms of their ability to deal with door keys and locks, but they can also help secure other aspects of your home. Many people may secure their house, but neglect to secure their mailbox or office furniture, both of which can contain personal information. You should talk to your locksmith about furniture and mailbox locks in order to bolster your defenses against identity theft.

Broken key removal

Locksmiths don’t just make new keys and locks – they can also help you solve problems with existing locks. Whether your key breaks off in a car ignition, a house door, or a safe lock, you can call your local Locksmith to help with the extraction process.

Storage unit padlock removal

Usually when the key or combination to the padlock is lost, a locksmith will definitely be able to cut it off, either with one of his Power Tools such as a compact circular Saw or a dremel tool.

Security door installation

Aside from installing and fixing locks, locksmiths can also install doors. There a variety of security doors available to meet different needs, including fire doors, security storm doors, and ornate steel grilles. Talk to a locksmith to assess your security door needs.

Security appraisal

Getting a professional appraisal of your home’s security strengths and weaknesses can be a key step in improving your home’s security. Since residential locksmiths essentially dedicate their careers to entering homes by force, they are uniquely qualified to assess the gaps in your home security.

Digital lock installation

Digital keypad locks are actually a keyless entry lock, and a locksmith can still help you select the best one for your home or office. Digital keypad locks are not there only to eliminate the hassle of losing and finding keys, but also to eliminate the need rekeying your locks. You can simply delete a given key holder’s combination in order to revoke their access privileges.

Access control system installation

A high-security alternative to traditional locks and keys are access control systems. They have much more secure latching mechanisms, which generally used with electric strikes and magnetic locks. By using entry devices such as magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, and contact smart cards, you can immediately improve the level of security.

CCTV installation

Closed circuit television systems can be a helpful security addition that can both deter crime and help in the prosecution of criminals. A locksmith can help ensure that your CCTV cameras are located sensibly and properly integrated with the rest of your home security network.

Intercom installation

Door intercoms can be extremely helpful security devices as they allow you to verify the identity of individuals before opening your door to them. Talk to you locksmith about installing a door intercom system in your home, office, or apartment.

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