9 Unusual Locksmith Services

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Usually you think of a locksmith as a person to call when you need a new key but a locksmith can also perform a wide range of other services. 

Many locksmith businesses have the ability to provide other special services for your home and office security.

File cabinet and mailbox lock installation

Most people highly secure their house but neglect their mailbox security, also many business owners do not pay the right concern to their file cabinet locks. 

Certified locksmiths can handle this situations professionally and install new locks in order to protect you against identity theft.

Broken key removal

If your key breaks off inside a car ignition or inside a house door a professional locksmith can definitely help you extract the broken pieces out and save your lock.

Storage unit padlock removal

Usually when you lost the key or forget the combination to the padlock a locksmith will be able to cut it off with one of his power tools like a circular electric saw or with a dremel tool.

Security door lock installation

Locksmiths can install security locks on special doors like fire doors and emergency exit doors.

Security inspection

Get a professional advice from an experienced locksmith for your property’s security and have him value the strengths and weaknesses and what needs to be done to improve it.

Smart lock installation

Digital keypad and keyless entry smart locks are a great way to upgrade your property security and a locksmith can definitely help you select the right lock for you and professionally install it for you. 

Digital keypad locks will eliminate the hassle involved in losing keys and also the need for future lock rekey.

Access control system installation

A high security alternative to traditional locks in big office buildings are access control systems. 

They have much more secure latching mechanisms which are used with electric strikes and magnetic locks and by using digital codes, magnetic stripe cards and proximity fobs you can immediately improve the level of security.

CCTV installation

Closed circuit television systems are a great security tool to deter crime and help to monitor large areas. 

A locksmith can properly install these systems and to make sure that all cameras are working properly integrated with the rest of your property’s security system.

Intercom installation

Door intercoms are extremely helpful to verify the identity of individuals before opening your door to them. Trained locksmiths can installing and maintain door intercom system for your home or your office.

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