What Does It Take To Become A Locksmith?

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Becoming a professional locksmith is not easy and requires dedication and hard work. It starts with developing an interest in solving problems and continues with deep learning and attending training programs to earn the right skill and knowledge. 

In order to become a certified locksmith you must go through licensing tests to ensure you can handle any lock and key related problem that might arise.

Installing, repairing, rekeying and unlocking door locks are the fundamental tasks of a locksmith and modern technology requires locksmiths to upgrade their knowledge in electronics as well in order to deal with home smart lock technology and to cut and program car key fobs

With these set of skills all combined a certified locksmith can keep your home, business and car safe and secure.

Locksmith technicians need to provide their services during day and night and be ready for any emergency situation. 

To become a certified locksmith you need to be ready to work in 24hour shifts and be prepared at all time.

Locksmith training includes these topics:

Understanding Lock Mechanisms

Trainees learn about the different types of locks including doorknobs, deadbolts, and electronic padlocks and how to repair and rekey them.

Key Cutting and Duplication

How to cut and duplicate keys using manual and automated machines.

New Lock Installation

Instructions on how to install different types of locks in residential and commercial properties.

Emergency Lockout Services

Helping clients regain access to their property or vehicle during lockouts.

Lock Picking

Learning unique techniques for non destructive entry like lock picking, lock bumping and how to use bypass tools to gain access without damaging the lock.

Safe Opening

Skills related to opening safes without the combination including drilling or manipulation an electronic safe.

Security Systems

Installing electronic security systems like CCTV, alarms and electronic access control systems.

Master Key

The principles of creating a master key system that allows different keys to open selected doors and a master key that opens all doors.

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