Never Lose Your Keys Again With Keypad Devices

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Losing your keys is a fact of life for many people, whether they simply are misplaced, lost or perhaps stolen. Many people’s daily lives are impacted superficially or drastically through the loss of keys, be it to your home, automobile or something else entirely.

However, one solution which has been gaining popularity is keypad devices or key less entry system. Through a personal code you input yourself, you can eliminate the need for physical keys, eliminating a potential hassle and streamlining many aspects of your life.

How Do They Work?

Keypad devices to your car, home or storage unit function by providing you with a customizable code or pin number which you can use in place of a traditional lock and key.

By providing you with a keypad to input your own personal code, you lessen one physical inconvenience and buffer your security by making intrusion through traditional methods more difficult.

Also in most cases it allows one to enter their home or car quickly and surreptitiously without fumbling for keys or having to hassle with faulty locks that have suffered wear and tear.

What Are the Benefits?

Besides the convenience of not having to worry about carrying or maintaining physical keys one has to simply memorize a customizable code which can be changed at your convenience.

By not having keys that can be lost or stolen a potential security risk is averted and also you can allow access to your home to family, close friends or even house keeping services without having to present them a key, and rest easy in the fact that you can change the code at anytime should you feel your security threatened or undermined.

How Safe Are They?

Since the lock is armed by a number code if someone were to steal, figure out or use a device to copy your code they could easily gain access to your possessions.

This is circumvented by the fact that this can be difficult process as failed attempts often trigger an alarm or shutdown, and copying codes remotely is dangerous, expensive and time consuming, especially given the fact that one can change their personal codes at will.

What is the Price Range?

While more expensive than standard locks and keys, the cost for most keypad devices and entry systems is not unreasonable, with most brands hovering in the 100-500 dollar range. Standard locks can range from 20 to a 100 dollars themselves and with the cost of possible repairs or misplaced keys many find that the price evens out.

Who Installs Them?

You can get a quote and installation from either a professional Locksmith if he or she specializes in them or choose from a wide range of private security companies. Research should be done by each individual to ascertain the experience and reliability of whomever they may hire as well as speaking with a variety of suitors to find the best cost for what you want installed.

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