Never Lose Your Keys Again With Keypad Devices

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Losing keys is a fact of life for most of us whether they are simply got lost or perhaps stolen and this annoying situation can entirely disturb our daily routine.

One outstanding solution which has been gaining lots of popularity is to install an electronic keypad lock device. 

These smart locks use a personal digit code instead of physical key to lock and unlock the door and they eliminate key loss and the hassle that come with it.

How Do They Work?

Electronic keypad locks provide keyless entry through a digit code entered on a keypad. They verify the code against stored authorized ones and unlock the door if they match. Powered by batteries these locks can manage multiple user codes and offer special features like alarms and smart device integration.

Most electronic keypad locks allow owners to program temporary codes which can expire after a set time for guests or service provides like cleaners, permanent codes for family members and master codes for administration. 

This programming can be done directly from keypad or through a smartphone app.

What Are the Benefits?

Besides the convenience of not having to worry about carrying a key also you can allow access to your home to family or house keeping services without giving them a key and you can change the code anytime to feel y secure.

What is the Price Range?

These locks are more expensive than standard locks and the cost for most keypad devices range between $100$500. Standard locks can range between $20$100.

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