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Best House Safes

Finally you have decided that instead of keeping your important documents and your wife’s precious jewelry in a safe remote location like a safety deposit box in the bank vault and store them in your own private safe installed in your home and you have asked yourself what it requires and what things to consider when installing a home safe then this article is just right for you.

Here are the 4 most important things you need to look for when you’re buying a home safe:

Size and Capacity

Think wisely about what you need to store in the safe because it can from documents and jewelry to firearms and ammunition. 

The safe should be large enough to store your valuable items and any additional items you may acquire in the future. Also think about where you plan to place the safe which can help you determine the best size for your space.

Lock Type

Safes come with different lock mechanisms that include key locks, combination locks, electronic keypads and biometric scanners. Each type has its benefits and disadvantages in terms of security and convenience. 

Biometric scanners and electronic keypads offer quick access without the need for a physical key but they depend on electricity or batteries. 

Combination locks are very reliable but slower to open and deciding which one exactly fits your needs is based the items you want to store.

Fire and Water Resistance

Check the safe resistance to fire and water as a good safe should protect its contents from these elements for a minimum amount of time typically rated in hours. Look for safes that have been independently tested to stand at least 30 minutes.

Security Rating

Pay attention to any security ratings the safe has. Safe ratings provided by independent testing organizations indicate the level of protection. 

Higher security ratings often mean the safe is made from stronger materials and includes more advanced lock mechanisms. 

Common ratings to look for include the UL ratings and a safe with a rating of TL-15 can withstand an attack with common drilling tools for at least 15 minutes.

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