Home Security Tips For The Winter Time

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Winter is a season of beauty and holiday joy but it also brings with it some dangers as well. From ice and snow related issues to burglaries there are many risks that come along this period of time and taking all the necessary precautions to boost your home’s security is highly important.

According to insurance companies claims tend to skyrocket when winter arrives because of improper maintenance as accidents happen more easily and also home break-ins are more common in winter than in any other season.

Here are the best security and safety tips for protecting your home from any danger that can happen during wintertime:

Home Burglaries

Winter gives burglars a better chance of breaking into homes when people are away on holidays. To avoid the emotional distress related to a break-in it is highly important to lock all doors and windows before leaving make sure and double check all doors and windows lock work perfect and install security bars for any sliding doors or windows that don’t have locks.

Smart Lighting

If you are coming back home from work late at night installing smart lights might be just what you need! Set them up to turn on every time motion is detected to lit the way for you when coming back home and also inside your home in specific hours so that outsiders will get the idea that there is someone home at all time!

No Hidden Keys

If you are going out for a long vacation never leave spare key under doormats or flower pots, give them to neighbors or relatives who could check up on your house occasionally while you’re away.

Install a Smart Security System

This is the most expensive tip on this list but the one that will change your life. A smart security system comes equipped with an alarm, smart locks, motion sensors and cameras all handheld with your smartphone device is the most advanced security tool nowadays.

Keep a Clean and Tidy Garden

Trim down shrubbery and trees move any furniture that may block the way or can damage your home in a strong wind and, put away any equipment lying around.

Proper Maintenance For The Wintertime

Before winter arrives check your roof and replace any broken tiles, inspect the gutter and other pipes especially sprinklers and make sure they are properly drained before temperatures drop below zero. The same goes for air conditioning filters as hail and snow can cause clogs.

Garage Doors

It is highly recommended to insulate garage doors and if to keep the door that connecting your home to the garage locked properly. Installing a garage door lock is a wide decision if you plan to leave for vacation during the holidays.

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