Home Security Tips For The Winter Time

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Home Security Tips For The Winter Time

Winter is a season of beauty and joy, but it also brings with it its fair share of dangers. From burglaries to ice and snow-related perils, there are many risks that come along with the colder months. It is never too late to begin taking the necessary precautions to boost your home’s security during this time. According to insurance companies, claims tend to skyrocket when winter arrives. Winter is known for its potential for things going wrong if proper maintenance isn’t observed. These same statistics also demonstrate that home break-ins are more common in winter than any other season. Accidents can happen more easily as well, putting extra pressure on home systems to perform beyond their capabilities.

For decades now, insurance companies have been collecting data on what goes awry during this time of year in order to decrease claims and minimize losses, they also offer advice to ensure that you remain safe inside your home as winter rolls around. This article will discuss the best security and safety tips for protecting your home and family from the various dangers that accompany wintertime weather. If applied correctly, these measures can help you stay secure yet cozy all season long while simultaneously discouraging undesired visitors from entering your domain.

Useful Security and Safety Tips

Home Burglaries: Unfortunately, winter gives burglars a better chance of breaking into homes when people are out at work or away on holiday somewhere warmer. To avoid financial losses and emotional distress related to a burglary, it is essential to take some basic security steps at home beforehand:

Locking Doors and Windows

This one may seem obvious but shockingly enough, many homeowners neglect this procedure without giving it a second thought! Before leaving for work or vacationing away from home, make sure to check -and double-check -all doors and windows, buy security bars for any sliding doors or windows which have been proven effective at disincentive burglars from entering homes without authorization.

Buying A Safe

Having a safe where you can store family heirlooms or jewelry will provide an extra layer of protection against break-ins as these items won’t be easily accessible by strangers in case of a burglary occurring on your property.

Time Switch Lights

If you often find yourself coming back from work late at night or traveling abroad over the holidays, fitting timer switches might be just what you need! Set them so that lights turn on at dusk if curtains are drawn so that outsiders cannot get an idea of what’s happening inside your house from afar –this little trick has been highly successful in scaring off potential criminals!

No Hidden Keys

To think that someone has been watching your house for weeks -or even months- before committing a crime sounds like something out of horror movies but this kind of thing does happen unfortunately! Never leave spare keys under tables mats or garden gnomes, give them instead to neighbors or relatives who could check up on your house occasionally while you’re away over the holidays (or even when not).

Install an Alarm System

The most expensive tip on this list but an alarm system comes equipped with everything burglars detest –light, sound and cameras! Additionally fit flooding lights near periphery boundaries fitted with motion sensors, alarms will create unwanted attention towards criminal activity quickly whereas cameras can send live feeds directly onto handheld devices (smartphones/tablets).

Proper Lighting

Another great deterrent against burglaries is making sure that all entryways leading up towards the house are well lit, this way any criminals scouting about won’t be able to approach unnoticed because they will be seen immediately –the easiest way out is usually avoided after all!

Keep Garden Tidy

Trim down shrubs located near entrances/exits, move furniture away anywhere outside such as gardens or patios, put away any equipment lying around as well so burglars do not have easy access points into the house if there’s no one around (or asleep).

Proper Maintenance For The Wintertime

Before winter arrives check roof tiles since ice tends to damage them severely, inspect pipework seams & insulation too especially outdoor pipes such as sprinklers -make sure they are properly drained before temperatures drop below freezing. The same goes for air conditioning filters, hail & snow can cause clogs so it’s important to change them at least once a year prior to wintertime. Something as simple as changing the filter can significantly increase heating efficiency.

Finally, if you have a door connecting your home to the garage, make sure to lock it properly –burglars are looking for an easy entry point into your house and garage doors are preferred.

These are just a handful of useful tips you find online to keep your home safe during the winter season, you can always contact your insurance company and get more helpful information on the many ways you can protect your property. Apply these measures correctly and enjoy a secure yet cozy wintertime in your home.

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