Reasons Why Your Lock Is Not Working

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Every homeowner should try to keep their valuables and loved ones secure. In short, this should be their top most priority. However there are times when they overlook the condition of door locks until something drastic happens. 

In case you wish to stay away from lock issues or a possible lockout, make sure that your door locks are maintained properly.

It is natural to go through a mixture of emotions such as fear, anxiety, frustration, and fury. You may find you are unable to enter your home. Luckily though a majority of these lock problems are not quite difficult to fix.

Check out these following reasons why locks may stop working:

Misaligned Door Latch

If the latch does not catch the strike plate your door won’t lock. This situation can happen because of temperature changes that effecting the door frame.

Stuck Lock

Dust and dirt inside the lock can stuck the lock mechanism and regular cleaning like a spraying lubricant into the key hole and wiping it off can easily solve this problem.

Worn Out Key

Over time keys can lose their sharpness meaning they no longer align perfectly with the lock pins. An old and rusty key can fail to turn the lock.

Damaged Lock

Old locks can get damaged over time especially with heavy use as the internal parts like pins and springs can fall out or break which requiring a repair or more likely a replacement.

Frozen Lock

In cold weather locks can freeze making them impossible to unlock so if you live in a cold freezing winter area a deicer is a must tool for you to own as gently heating the lock and the key might resolve the issue.

Broken Key Inside The Lock

If a key breaks off inside the lock it means that until you remove all the broken pieces the lock is out of order and some time it goes beyond repairing and you will need to completely replace it.

Poor Lock Installation

If a lock was not installed correctly it might not work properly till the point it will stop working completely.

Electrical Issues

If you own an electronic smart lock the most common issue is dead batteries as most people ignore or not setting dead batteries notifications.

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