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Energy Efficient Home Security

Energy Efficient Home Security

Energy Efficient Home Security: More Effective Than You Think

When you think of home security, usually the first thing you think of is an alarm system. Alarm systems, whether they are wired or wireless, are absolutely a good investment; however, they are fallible and most of them do consume electricity or energy from batteries.

If you want to have solid home security that’s energy-efficient, then you’ll need to use some surprisingly old-fashioned strategies.

According to the police, they are very effective in making your home secure from intruders, and best of all, they require no electricity or batteries. These strategies include locking your door, installing strong exterior doors, and using proper deadbolt locks.

Something that requires no electricity to protect your home is simply remembering to lock your doors and all points of entry such as windows. According to police statistics, most burglars gain access to a home by opening an unlocked exterior door. By locking your doors and windows, you’ll foil about 95% of burglars.

The second energy efficient way to secure your home is to install solid wood or reinforced metal exterior doors that swing outwards. U.S. police state that when burglars find a door is locked, most will just try another house, but some will break in the door.

If your door is hollow or has a cardboard core, a sharp kick or shove will be enough to smash it open. Install a door that is made of solid wood, has a solid wood core, or reinforced metal. A door that swings outwards also makes it more difficult for an unwanted person to get inside.

If you’ve got solid doors that you lock, you can take your energy efficient home security further by calling a locksmith in Seattle or any other neighborhood where you might be living and getting him or her to inspect your deadbolt locks.

The deadbolt must have a bolt at least one inch in length, and the lock must be Grade 1 or 2 for the highest security. Our locksmiths in Seattle will ensure that locks get properly installed and can also recommend additional security systems or tips that are necessary for the local area.


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Finally, if you’ve got glass sliding doors and you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to prevent a break-in, make sure your doors have a bottom and top lock if they don’t, call a locksmith who’ll install sliding glass door locks for you.

You can also place a stick in the rails to prevent the doors from sliding open if the locks somehow fail. Clear, tough panels can also be installed on the inside of the sliding glass doors to prevent smashing.

Home security doesn’t necessarily have to be electronic sometimes the most effective way to deter a burglar is the old fashioned way – locking your doors. Speak to a locksmith in your area and he or she will be able to recommend a type of home security system or plan that will work best for you and your budget.

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