4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A New Lock

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When it comes to home security the locks on our doors are underrated but they are absolutely necessary to prevent strangers enter our property. 

There are 4 important factors you should consider when buying a new lock for and here they are:

Security Level

You need to determine the level of security as locks are rated differently. For example locks for exterior doors should have a higher security rating than those for an interior door. 

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades locks on a scale from Grade 1 which the highest level to Grade 3 that fits low security or interior door is the best way to determine the security level of your new lock.

Type of Lock

There are many types of locks to choose from including doorknob, deadbolts, padlocks and smart lock. Each one has its advantages and specific uses. 

For example deadbolts are the most popular choice for exterior doors because of their strength while smart locks offer great convenience and easy control through your smartphone.

Material and Quality

The durability of a lock is determined by the materials it was made of. Locks made from hardened steel are more resistant to cutting and breaking. 

Pay attention to the weight of the lock and if it’s heavier it indicates that it was made of stronger materials. Check if the lock has features like anti drill or anti pick for better security.

Key Management

Consider how keys will be managed for the lock. Traditional locks come with physical keys that can be duplicated which might pose a security risk if it is not managed properly. 

If key control is your main concern then look for smart locks or for keyless entry locks that use codes, smartphone apps or biometric features instead of traditional key.

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