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A reliable and common way to secure your home or business is to install an automatic door operator. With a push of a button you can easily open the door and after you get in it will automatically close behind and you knowing that your property secure. 

Installing an automatic door operator is a job for a certified locksmith and these systems come with high security locks to provide high level of security.

Hands Free Operation

Automatic doors allow for hands free entry and exit making them ideal for hospitals malls and airports.


They improve accessibility for people with disabilities, elderly and kids who might find opening a traditional door difficult.

Safety Features

Modern automatic doors are equipped with sensors to prevent them from closing if someone or something is in the way which reduce the risk of accidents.


Automatic doors create smooth and efficient traffic flow in high traffic areas.

Aesthetic Appeal

Automatic doors can contribute to a building’s modern appearance.

Here are top 5 brands in the automatic door operator market:

STANLEY Access Technologies

These guys have been around for over 90 years and make a lot of different door types, including those sliding doors you see in malls.


This is a super quiet and smooth door opener from DORMA. Designed to use little energy but still powerful enough to open and close doors easily. It is a smart device that controls its motion carefully.


A big name in doors that offers all sorts of automatic doors from sliding doors at airports to those special operators in hospitals. Their products focus on saving energy while keeping things secure.

NABCO Entrances

They specialize in doors for places like stores where lots of people come in and out. They have quite few swing door options to handle a lot of foot traffic.

Horton Automatics

They offer a wide range of automatic door operators including ones that are perfect for emergency situations like fire doors and others that are ideal for hospitals.

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