Tips To Prevent A Business Lockout

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Nobody wants to get locked out of the office but unfortunately it can happen when losing the keys or accidentally locking them inside. 

Here are simple strategies you can consider to prevent this issue from happening.

Spare Key

The most basic way to avoid being locked out is having a spare key kept in a secure but reachable place!

For example you can store it your colleague’s office and vice versa that way if one of you accidentally get locked there’s a quick solution to open the door. 

Another option is to keep the spare key inside a lock box outside the office.

Lock Picking Tools

Another option is to invest in a lock picking tools such as tension wrenches and pick guns and store them in a secure yet reachable place. 

These tools require high skilled technique and must be used correctly for a successful resolution. 

It is not that hard to operate them after few attempts you will be able to pick the lock by yourself. Keep in mind that not all door locks can be picked especially high security locks with anti pick protections.

Office Security Services

A great way avoid lockouts at your office is to hire 24/7 security service to deal with any security issue that might come up and by doing so you will not only help to quickly overcome lockout situations but also keep your business safe from intrusions break-ins.

Commercial Locksmiths

Having a professional locksmith might be the best option and a certified locksmith technician can arrive to your location within 30 minutes and open the door without causing damage to your locks. Some insurance policies cover this service as well.

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