Locks That Can Be Used When You Are On Your Laptop

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Modern laptops have become an everyday necessity due to their portability and multipurpose features. Surfing the internet, preparing presentations, listening to music, and watching movies, they have made our lives much easier and full of enjoyment. Yet this portability feature can also make them an easy target for theft.
In order to protect your laptop from being stolen, it is essential to use a laptop lock.

What is the requirement of a laptop lock?

A laptop lock provides an extra layer of security against theft. The data stored on a laptop such as passwords, photos, and files are all highly sensitive and vulnerable to compromise if the laptop is lost or stolen. A good quality laptop lock is an easy and affordable way of avoiding such losses.

Types of Locks for Laptops

Anchor Point

Many locks for laptops resemble traditional bicycle locks with cables that need to be secured into an anchor point. It can either be a table leg or desk if you are using your laptop in one place or you can buy a separate anchor that glues to any surface.

Lock Slot

Most modern laptops come with in-built security slots into which a compatible lock can be inserted. There are three main types of these slots; K-Slot (Kensington Security Slot), Wedge Slot (Noble Lock), and Lenovo Ultra Dock all of which require certain specifications when buying a lock depending on your machine’s make and model.

Other Options

Apple MacBooks do not come with in-built security slots meaning one must look at third-party solutions such as attaching the lock onto the rubber feet or lid of the MacBook.

Selecting A Laptop Lock

When selecting a suitable laptop lock it is important to ensure that it has been designed specifically for your type of machine and slot type. One should also research into customer reviews from people who have used similar locks in similar places before investing in any particular product. In addition it is vital that the cable material used should be strong enough so as not to easily be cut by potential thieves looking to steal your device.

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