Special Locks For Your Laptop

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Laptops have become more and more important these days as they help us taking our work with us to every where we please thanks to their portability, but not only for work because a laptop is an amazing tool to go online for shopping, listening to music and watching movies. 

Laptops have made our lives full of enjoyment because of their portability but this feature is exactly what makes them an easy target for theft so in order to protect your laptop it is highly recommended to use a laptop lock.

A laptop lock provides an extra layer of security against theft. your laptop contain sensitive and vulnerable data like passwords, privet photos and files that can not be compromised. 

A good quality laptop lock is an easy, affordable and smart way to protect your your laptop.

Anchor Point

Many laptop locks are resemble to traditional bicycle locks with cables that need to be secured into an anchor point. It can either be a table leg or desk if you are using your laptop in one place or you can buy a separate anchor that glues to any surface.

Lock Slot

Most modern laptops come with a built-in security slot that is compatible with 3 main types of slot locks such as K-Slot (Kensington Security Slot), Wedge Slot (Noble Lock) and Lenovo Ultra Dock. 

Each of these locks require certain specifications depending on your laptop make and model.

GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking devices for laptops can help locate a stolen laptop. There are various options available in the market from physical GPS trackers that attach to your laptop or special laptop with built-in GPS and some models have Wi-Fi feature that triangulate its position.

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