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Locks That Can Be Used When You Are On Your Laptop

Locks That Can Be Used When You Are On Your Laptop

Today, laptops are an everyday gadget for many people around the globe. It has become a multi-utility gadget and is used for surfing the net, preparing presentations, and for entertainment purposes including listening to songs, watching movies, etc. One no longer has to sit before a personal computer or a desktop to complete their work. Laptops have made our life simpler and yet their portability has made it simpler for robbers to steal.

A laptop lock is a gadget of the new age, which helps in safeguarding a laptop from theft. As its name suggests, these locks resemble physical locks, which help in securing laptops. Its functionality is similar to that of a physical lock.

What is the requirement of a laptop lock?

It can be a devastating event to lose your laptop. That is because your laptop has a lot of valuable and sensitive information such as passwords, photos, files, and more. If lost, the security and safety of your sensitive information can be compromised.

So, it is imperative to come up with solutions to protect the laptop and the data and files stored on it from being robbed. You will come across different types of tools in the market. All these tools assist in keeping your laptop secured. One of these popular tools is a laptop lock.

Irrespective of where you are using a laptop- in a dormitory, at a coffee shop, or in your office, theft of your laptop can be a serious concern. Most laptops are designed to be extremely portable and lightweight. These devices are extremely simple to swipe, even when you are out of a room for a moment. Luckily for you and all other laptop users, a premiere quality laptop lock is reasonably priced. Thus, it is an investment you simply cannot choose to ignore. 


Check out some of the laptop locks you should be aware of:

Anchor Point

It is interesting to note that the cables in laptop locks resemble that of bicycle locks. There should be a strong anchor point so that the cable can be secured. Else, even the finest laptop lock is of no use.

On most occasions, it is not difficult to find a strong anchor point such as a table leg. Are you in the habit of using your laptop on a site where there is no logical spot? Buy a separate anchor, which glues to a desk or a table.


Lock Slot

Many laptops come with an in-built security slot so that a laptop lock can be inserted into them. There are, however, 3 distinct kinds of slots available. So, you have to be certain that the laptop lock purchased by you is compatible with the available slot.

The K-Slot or Kensington Lock also referred to as Kensington Security Slot is the most commonly found slot. It was developed in the 1990s and is usually the standard. Several Dell laptops, such as the XPS line are known to feature the Noble Locks Wedge Slot. You should go through the documentation for your laptop in case there is any uncertainty about that kind of lock slot is available to you.


Other choices

In case you own a MacBook, there is no lock slot in the laptop at all. It is because Apple has decided to not include them at all. Yet, there are various 3rd-party solutions available, which attach to the rubber feet or the lid of any MacBook.

A laptop dock can also feature a lock slot. Alternatively, you can take the help of a 3rd-party solution to your laptop dock. Lenovo’s Ultra Dock is an instance of a dock featuring a built-in slot that is available with an in-built Kensington Security Slot.


Selecting a laptop lock 

The market is full of options for laptop locks from innumerable 3rd-parties and various slot manufacturers. IT departments usually opt for keyed lock systems having master keys, which can be deployed on any kind of unit. In case you are buying for yourself, you could opt for a combination lock so that the chances of losing the key can be avoided.

Similar to other cable-style locks, it is crucial to select a product that has a high-quality, strong cable, which is difficult to cut. Go through some customer reviews to know whether customers using their laptops in similar types of locations and ways are satisfied with the product or not.

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